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Concrete is made from natural products and can be damaged by excessive moisture, misapplied force, or general wear and tear. We see many situations where concrete had a minor issue that turned into a major expense because something simple was not fixed soon after it happened. Concrete will break down due to acidification if the surface is exposed without sealant and moisture intrudes. This breaking down process can cause further structural deterioration, and when combined with more water, collapse can occur in the form of sinking, potholes, and breakage. Whether your concrete has a flaking surface, discoloration, chips or broken places, or has cracks, breaks, and potholes, call Concrete Contractors Phoenix AZ. We are full-service concrete fixers and can take care of any concrete repair Phoenix that comes up, whether it is repairing steps that are worn, grinding down and doing concrete resurfacing Phoenix knows leaves a brand new appearance to the driveway, or fixing the divot in the countertop where Aunt Margaret dropped that heavy cast-iron skillet. We have many years of experience in fixing just about any concrete related damage you can think of, and we do it so well you cannot find the concrete repair Phoenix AZ.

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We often receive calls from clients who feel their driveway’s sad condition requires an expensive tear-out and replacement. Many times when we arrive we are pleased to tell them that a cost-effective alternative is available when the structural base of the drive is in good condition, that being resurfacing. Concrete driveway repair Phoenix is a very economical way to fix the problems that happen to concrete from wear and tear, too much weight, discoloration, cracking and shifting. We specialize in concrete leveling Phoenix has seen is cost-effective and solves the problems of sunken sections of drives and sidewalks. We have the equipment to level the drive and the knowledge to get the new surfacing to bond to the old base thanks to our experienced concrete preparation teams.

Usually, concrete leveling and resurfacing require grinding down the facing of the concrete to allow the new surface to grip into and bond with the old base. Care must be taken to get the mixes exactly right, and sometimes an elastomeric product is added to avoid future cracking. Resurfaced concrete cures in less time than new installation and old concrete can be prepared, resurfaced, and dyed a coordinating color to perk up the look and increase the value of your concrete drive and walkways.

Call us for concrete driveway repair Phoenix or when you think your driveway needs replaced, and we can provide a free estimate for the best and most economical solution. We will let you know the options for resurfacing, or if we truly feel the driveway needs replaced. We do jobs of any size, so if you have that divot that really bothers you on your otherwise beautiful concrete kitchen counter, call us and let us fix it. We know concrete, and we know how to get it repaired like new.

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Hunter M
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The team was very professional. Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ did a wonderful job in installing a small concrete patio for my backyard! I highly recommend them if you are looking to have concrete systems here in Phoenix.
Nina M
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Professsional and fast! Concrete Contractor Pheonix AZ were able to give me a quote using pictures of my place and then able to fit me in the same week and finished the job in a day. My space to concrete wasn't huge, but I am so impressed with their work and how quickly he was able to accommodate.
Kalvin F
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I had the estimate within the day and work was done within a week. Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ were excellent concrete stain in Phoenix. They are professional, clean, organized, reliable and knowledgeable. One of the best contractors I've ever dealt with.
Clay S
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Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ replaced a buckled sidewalk at the rear of our property. They gave a fair estimate, the finished work was first class, and the area was left clean and ready for use. I definitely recommend this company for concrete repair in Phoenix.
Divine D
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Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ did an amazing job. My concrete basement floors were original to the house. They were in extremely rough shape. Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ was able to resurface, add skim coats to level it out, and epoxy the floors. They now look like brand new floors. I highly recommend this company to anyone. The level of professionalism, and ability to work with us was fantastic.
Amelia C
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Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ is a great company to work with. They did amazing work on our home garage floors and were extremely professional. They held to the promised timelines and were flexible in some changes throughout the project. My husband and I both trust Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ 100% and we are thankful we have finally found a great contractor to work with!
Madison L
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I needed about ten squares of my sidewalk replaced, including most of the sidewalk in front of my driveway. Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ did the whole job while I was out of town and I came home to an awesome new sidewalk. If only all contractors were this good in concrete repair in Phoenix.
Johan D
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I couldn't be happier with our experience with Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ. He has handled multiple projects on my home addition and all of them have been done to perfection. We cannot recommend Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ highly enough.
Anthony H
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Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ does amazing work! The owner is a wonderful listener and someone we trust to deliver excellent results! He gave us a very fair quote and has helped us break out our projects into a timeline that meets our budget needs. They were prompt and professional in every way. Highly recommended!
Cyrus B
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We had an unusual concrete project and wasn't sure who would take it on. Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ took a look at it and knew they could handle it. Their crew were very professional and courteous. We are very happy with Concrete Contractor Phoenix AZ and would recommend them to anyone.